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Here's what you can do to help the Amazon rainforest

1. Educate yourself and others

1. Educate yourself and othersA tract of Amazon jungle burning near the city of Novo Progresso, Brazil. Nacho Doce / Reuters

Read and Learn, it´s super important to be aware of what is hapening right now in the world and how serious this crisis is! There is a lot to do and with knowledge we can join forces!

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle
A section of the Amazon jungle in Amazonas state, Brazil, August 20.
 REUTERS/Bruno Kelly

Reducing the amount of paper used in our daily routine will help a lot! because companies won´t stop cutting off trees but we can slow down this by using less paper and wood.

A lot of paper comes from trees chopped down in the Amazon. Less demand, in theory, means less deforestation.

3. Donate to a charity

There are lots of charity companies all over the world and you can find them out there on the internet, and there are lots of companies that cares about the environment planting trees for every product sold, try to find them, you´ll do great for the planet.

4. Volunteer

If this is a possibility for you, there are lots of organizations that are gathering volunteers right now to help restore the amazon raiforest! We will need to wait up until the fire stops and then the campaigns for volunteering and going to help will start. If you want you can contact us at and as soon as all the organizations start recovering the Amazon, we´ll let you know together with the best way of going as a volunteer.

5. Like Comment and SHARE

This is super important! no matter which company you see on social media trying its best to help the world recover from this crisis and recover the amazon rainforest, a share will help a lot! and people all over the world will be more aware of what is truly going on.


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