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About Us Treeory

It all started with a strong hope for change and a lot of effort!

Treeory FoundersCristina and Yamil went to peruvian rainforest to spend one week deep in the jungle. There they heard the local people complaining about some company that was pushing them aside where they lived. This event caused curiosity on them so they decided to go there and see what was going on, they wouldn´t believe what they were about to find...

There was a huge part inside the jungle that was being actively deforested. But that wasn´t everything, local people at the peruvian rainforest live in the jungle in an ecosystem shared with animals and they were both, animals and people being kicked out of their homes.

With lots of research they figured out a way to help not only peruvian rainforest but rainforests all over the world. They started a campaing reforesting the earth funded with the sale of their Treeory bracelet, together with this, they would help local people giving them jobs all over the world paying them to recover ecosystems.

How We Plant!

This is a project that was planed to be launched by the end of september this year, but despite of the crisis we are living right now with a forest as big and as important as the AMAZON RAINFOREST being destroyed by fires, we felt the duty to quick things up and launch this proyect as soon as possible to help recovering the world after this tragedy. 

The Treeory bracelet is 100% Made with recycled materials, every bracelet purchased funds planting 1 tree where it´s needed the most. In less than 1 year, Treeory hopes to recover 100 000 square meters. And then they are going for a Bigger one!

Treeory CEO
*Treeory is a company based in United States California.